Question on a Baguette from early 2000's??

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  1. Hello everyone -- have a quick question for my the Fendi gurus on TPF...I attached a pic below of a Fendi baguette I bought around 2002 - 2003(ish).

    Has anyone seen one like this before (or have one)? I love it, one of my favorite fun "going out" bags and looks amazing with a little black dress...but I don't have the receipt from my purchase and was wondering if any of you experts could help me better understand my little buddy? :love:

    I used to buy bags just when I thought they were cute -- now I want to know a little more about some of the older members of my collection!

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  2. Hi jcash! Cute baguette! I used to collect baguettes back in the days when they were the "IT" bag. Now they have found a home in my closet waiting for the new trend in oh 20 years.
  3. I saw this Baguette in the Fendi boutique in Rome back in 2000, it also came in pink. I love the Baguette, I have quite a few!
  4. You are going to make me cry with a story like that :crybaby:

    Those poor little Baguettes all locked up in the dark! Please tell me you let them out to play every now and then :smile:

    And nvchampagne, you are totally right, I remember a pink one as well!!! Thanks - I love this one, I don't wear it enough...:love:
  5. I can't really understand why some say the baguette is "out". To me it seems like such a classic style. It's nothing outragous or anything? I have one myself, the zucca, and don't use it either for this reason. Maybe we should all dig ours out of our closets and start the trend again? Maybe after the new sex and the city movie comes out it will be popular? I thought I read that the baguette makes an appearance in this movie?
  6. the baguette is back in! dust them off and take it out again!
  7. Yay, I agree with classicsgirl, I am totally bringing this little baguette to the movies to watch SATC when it comes out on May 30 -- they are always in style IMO :love:
  8. I love the baguette. I am hoping to get a new one now that they are releasing them!
  9. Hi all, just had to bump this up -- I am taking my fun Fendi out to SATC: The Movie on Friday! So exciting :smile::smile:
  10. Ahhh, the baguette. At one point, I had a good collection of them, prolly 20 or 25 in all. Good ole times. :love:

    This particular one I remember dates back to 2000 or maybe 2001. It came in pink, blue and a yellow. I think at the time, the cavallino bags were all priced around $1,200 - $1,600. HTH!

    Also wanted to add that the colors would look fab with a steel gray ensemble! :yes:
  11. I think the baguette is classic and I really like the colorway of yours. Wish I knew more about them. All our baguette ladies should ROCK them though, they're AWESOME!
  12. ^^ ditto! The baguette is such a fab size for the evening and the variety of styles and colours available make them very desirable IMO...