Question of what happens if you are on a wait list...

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  1. I gave my cc# to secure a purchase on the wait list. The SA recommended this. Since they weren't getting the color I wanted, the SA said if I didn't want the bag then I would get a store credit. Do you think that is fair? Should I remove myself from the wait list? Now I'm regretting what I did. I DO STILL WANT THE BAG..:sad2: :love:

    Maybe I'm getting buyers remorse:cry: :sad2:

    I need some advice PLEASE....
  2. i don't think it's fair to not give you a full refund if the bag you paid for was sight-unseen at the time. haggle enough and i'm sure you can get one.
  3. All else fails, get her manager!
  4. I hope it doesn't get ugly and all tudey like New York can be. I'm sure it will be fine. The purse is Clandestine from Celine. It's not blush like the runway, it's off-white. I'm sure I'll like it.
  5. I hope..
  6. Uh-uh. Full refund if it doesn't fall through. Not store credit!!!
  7. WORD. No way in hell would I agree to that. What store was this?

    LOVE that bag but I wouldn't agree to those terms. Was this a Celine boutique?
  8. Whoa! Maybe I'm misunderstanding but if you put your name on a waiting list and give a cc#, does that mean you can't take your name off or what??
  9. Jasanna: No, but it means that they charge your card once the bag comes in and then it's YOURS. But you can cancel before the bag comes in. At least at most places.... and you *should* be able to make a full return! I think the boutiques are a lot stricter with their return policies, another reason I prefer to buy from Saks, NM, or Nordstrom whenever possible.
  10. Ok so pardon my ignorance, I want to take my name off a waiting list. I believe I'm on the corporate waiting list as well as the store waiting list in which I gave the store my cc#. I can call both of them and no charge will be on my cc and then that's that, right?
  11. YOu should definitely ask for the manager if the SA doesn't give you a full refund.
  12. I think its not fair at all. I always tell my SA not to ring anything up unless its something I definitely want (the exact one), if not I leave my CC # to show I am serious and then go to the boutique ASAP upon being called. I would not accept store credit only in that situation.

  13. absolutely not fair. come to think of it, is this allowed. they are not supposed to ring the purchase until it comes in. i would speajk to the manager and explain that while you would like to remain a loyal customer, you'd rather not have to worry with the possibility of ending with a store credit. good luck. it looks loke a great abg though:love:
  14. I agree with Noriko. It seems really unfair. I think you have to remember that you are the consumer, and don't let them take advantage of you. You can always go elsewhere for your business.
  15. Agreed 100 percent! There is no way I'd accept that.