Question of the day: do I buy on Ebay or wait for a B&M to have what I'm looking for

  1. Do I bite the bullet and pay more on eBay for a 35cm Birkin or do I wait patiently (not a strong suit of mine) for a great bag to come along in a B&M reseller? If I buy through eBay, then does anyone have an opinion about eboutique? or Luxwear? Good experience or bad? Need the info - thanks!!!!!!!!!!:shrugs:
  2. I am currently in LOVE with eboutique / DesignerBrat. I highly recommend them.
    As far as wait or buy from reseller is a personal opinion. Personally for me its a matter of "how much over retail vs how long I think its going to take to get".
  3. Luxwear is wonderful to deal with, and not as over-priced as some other resellers.
  4. I also recommend Luxwear. You'll get good service also from CdL and Mightykismet. Though I have to say that resellers are really going up with their prices... :blah: