Question of Authentic Fendi Spy

  1. How can I tell if a bag is really authentic? Can someone give me something to look for? Do they all have the serial number on a tab on the inside? What about the metal tag on the inside, is it a certain color? I have been looking on the internet for a list of how you can tell a bag, even other than Fendi is authentic. Any information, please.:yes:
  2. If you have auctions you are watching, please post them in the Authenticate This Fendi thread at the top.

  3. I am not watching any, I was just curious, some listings have ones that have the tags with the serial number on the inside and come with dust jackets, and cards, and some do not. Some have the metal tag on the inside some are gold and some silver. I just wanted some info to know what to look for.
  4. Read through the authenticate this thread, there is a lot of information in there.