question of AOL's message status feature, anyone?

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  1. A friend of mine has been communicating with a guy for awhile, getting to know each other. Finally she bit the bullet, since he wasn't, and gave him her phone number. All of a sudden the emails from him stopped. My question is: Can someone read a message somehow, and keep it as Unread? We seem to think he got scared off by suddenly having her #. They both have aol emails. Is there some sort of funky way to check it without the status being shown as Read????

  2. Keep it as, however if it is unread you can unsend it! Love that feature!
  3. Thats what we were thinking also, but........ someone had suggested to us, that perhaps he did read it somehow, using some program, and that program will somehow keep it as unread, when it was read???? does that make sense?
  4. Yes, you can read mail and then mark it as unread. (, little slow this morning!)
  5. and it will show unread to the sender?
  6. Are you on AOL? Pm me and we can swap emails and test it out??!!