Question: Miu Miu Wallet + Dust Bag?

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  1. Hi,

    I just bought my first Miu Miu wallet and I was so excited until I opened it and realized that I didn't get a dust bag or an authentication card. I am 100% it's real since I bought it from the Miu Miu Soho store in NY.

    I was just wondering if it's normal not to get a dust bag and the authentication card for Miu Miu wallets. I have purchased designer wallets and bags before and I have always had the dust bag come with the item and the authentication card is a given.

    Should I go back and ask them for it??

    So confused =[
  2. wallets do not come with dust bag only box
    boutique does not give out product they keep them at Point of purchase

    Miu MIU does not come with "auth." card like parda, but a product care which has all the information on it.
  3. kewljeans, if you buy from other stores like net a porter they will give you the card as I bought a handbag from them and they gave it to me...boutiques never give it...Harrods gave me a wallet with it but I think it was their mistake...
  4. Thank you kiki119 and butterfly36029!

    I didn't even get the product & care card. Should I ask for it? I feel a little silly not checking if it contained it before I bought it. I was just so excited to get the wallet.
  5. soho NYC does not give out product card ;)

    there is no care card on wallets I believe - I don't have any for my MM wallets
  6. Neither do I
  7. Kiki and Butterfly are right.