Question? Mink Papillion

  1. Mmm. Prolly like 8-14K. I really don;t know for sure but thats a ball park. Make sure you have this bag autheticated in the authenticate this Lv in the LV shopping sub.

    Good luck.
  2. It's authentic, I believe it was 4 or 5k. Hopefully John will be able to help soon.
  3. Wow
  4. I love that bag
  5. :sad: im sorry but that bag makes me sad

    and im sorry that i dont know the price!!! :smile:
  6. wow, it looks great...but not something i'd least not at that price!
  7. slightly off topic but the seller has two listings of mc speedys and BIN is way over retail..what's up with that? :rolleyes:
  8. I thought it was around $10k something about BryanBoy getting one and him mentioning that price?
  9. Ok based on what I have saved under Word on my laptop:

    There were 3 different sizes in this bag: small (Mini HL), medium (Mini Papillon), and large (Cabas- has a bit of a square-ish shape to it).

    Retail prices:
    Mini HL: $6,350 USD
    Mini Papillon- $7,650 USD
    Cabas- $9,250 USD

    If I remember correctly, there were about 30 or so made in each size?
  10. Thanks you Guys!
    I would love to have this bag but to pay
    that much on eBay and not have it be authenti!:crybaby:
    plus i would have to drain my savings.
  11. ^^No worries on authenticity, it's definitely authentic. Maybe someday you can get it!
  12. Nah, you shouldn't risk savings hugely for a bag. I know it's tempting!

    You made the right decision :yes:
  13. Holy cow!

    I could never buy a bag like that though. ...mainly out of fear of the PETA psychos (not saying all are psychos...) that come and throw paint on people wearing / carrying fur. I'd also be terrified of getting something that expensive dirty!

    ....That bag costs more than my car did, yikes!