Question....LV related

  1. What is the use for this or is it just a keychain?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. I think those are so cute.
    I'm pretty sure they're just meant to be keychains though and I can't see spending the money on something that serves no other function but to dress up my keys.
  3. Keychain/flashlight.:heart:
  4. ~Irene~ hmmmm where would use that, that it would be useful?

    I agree sratsey that it is $$$ for a key ring.
  5. In the dark it really helps! You can search for stuff in your bag with the light. It's on my friends house keys so when unlocking the car door at night she uses the light to dee where to put the key in!
  6. I bought it when I got my Epi Speedy and was going to use it as a keychain (you can use the flashlight if it's dark and you need to find a key hole, I guess:idea: ) but decided to return it. I agree, it is too much $$$ for a keychain (I can put this $$$ towards my new LV!!!).:yes:
  7. thats a cool idea.

  8. Makes sense. I guess if you're going to use it to hang around your bag, add color kind of deal its cheap to use a key cles.

    I've had this thought about the perfo speedy, i like the idea of the color( just different) but too much $$ for a speedy imo. So i was thinking maybe a vernis key cles in framboise and a mono speedy 30 would be nice :smile: and change left over :biggrin:

  9. I have the mono one.It has a bright laser like red light..It is mainly for be honest..BUT occasionally I find uses for night....OR.....Like when my kids are annoying me...KIDDING!LOL!
  10. Like when my kids are annoying me...KIDDING!LOL! LOL I could see that :biggrin:

  11. It's called the ASTRO PILL! Somebody at Louis designing got a sense of humor, it came out around the time of Wapity and other fun and funky styles. I :heart: it! I take it to parties worn on a chain belt or use it for playing with my friends dog, he chases the red light on the floor. (kinda like my friends at parties):rolleyes:
  12. if anyone here is like my mom, who used to come home late at night (12-1am) from work, and had trouble finding keys to her car fast and from car to house fast... then that is ideal. i bought my mom many flashlight keychains in the past. and she wears out the battery very quickly. dont know what she does to do it, but i know she uses it.
  13. that would make it useful...

  14. I Love It....I Think It's The Best Idea
  15. It's use for hypnotizing others into loving LV by dangling that little darling in front of their eyes. "Look at this LV keychain very closely... you are starting to get sleepy... very sleepy..." :roflmfao: