Question:Limited Editions

  1. I was just wondering if the limited edition bags(when they first come out) retail higher than usual? ok.. for example... the cerises speedy when it first came out, was it a lot more expensive then the regular monogram speedy? by how much?
    'coz i heard they were coming out with another murakami edition :amuse: something about strawberries instead of cherries this time or something... :worried: just wondering if it's worth it to save for that or just get the regular monogram one... :huh:
  2. no. all limited editions are priced higher than regular monogram because its a) limited edition, and b) most of them are made differently. the Cerise is a 32 color (i think) screen printed system, which is what makes them unique and state of the art.

    everything monogram is the always cheapest of anything can get. once you add screenprinting on the monogram, it ups the price by 20% at the least.
  3. yeh...

    the cerise is really cute though.
    the graffiti line created by Steven Sprouse is to DIE FOR!
  4. Regular speedy 25 retails for US$565.00 (I think) and the Cerises was US$995.00 so YES they are priced higher for whatever reason.:nuts:
  5. Almost always- the perfo speedy is $1,200! I know that there's some extra alcantara along with the hole punching process but for more than 2x the price?
  6. most of the time the overinflated price covers labor too.. the process is a lot more difficult than it seems... and like with the Perfo collection.. it may seem like little was added *pouch or zipper, etc), but do keep in mind that everything IS MADE by HAND.. so it is more taxing on the bag-makers to make the details.

    but the price sometimes doesn't reflect the quality or the materials... i can understand why MC is more expensive than regular, but like the Cerise is eh!
  7. although the little booklets that come with the cerises talk about how the process of screen printing the cherries onto the canvas and achieving the bright vibrant colors is time-consuming and stuff, i think you're paying mainly for exclusivity and the fact that it is limited edition.........not that i'm complaining since their stuff is beautiful :love:
  8. Honestly..I'd go with the Cerises. The strawberry thing was just a rumor and has yet to be verified yet. The earliest it would come out, if it did at all, would be next spring/summer.
    So go with the cerises speedy..I have it and it's adorable. I've only seen one other person here with it and that makes it even better!
    Many people have the monogram canvas Speedys...if you can, save and get the cerises and be a little different. :smile:
  9. I'm dying for a cerises speedy but cannot find any :cry: (don't even want to try Ebay... so I'll wait until somebody over here is crazy enough to be willing to sell one!!!)
  10. awww cece i sold mine awhile back to a PF member....i'm sure there'll be others :P
  11. There's still hope, then!!!! Thank you :biggrin:
  12. Yup. I sold mine to a PF member a few weeks back too. Someone's else will come along I'm sure
  13. What the heck was I doing back then??? :huh: I'm gonna visit the WTS forum more often ;)
  14. wow... he perfo is x2 the price of a normal speedy?? yikes.. and to think.. they should be charging u less considering it's got holes in it! :lol: ok lame joke...

    YUPP YUPP!! i love the cerise Speedy 25! :love:
    'coz i'm thinking of getting a speedy.. but it's just that the regular monogram speedy has been FAKED TO DEATH... :suspiciou and the cerises i think are much harder to fake, imo that's a wiser pick.. besides.. the lil cherries are so cute!
    does anyone know whether the cerise line is still sold in the LV stores? i'm NOT ever going to buy from ebay ever again... unless it's a PF member. :noworry: