Question: LAMB boxes

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  1. I was looking through the collections thread (great stuff ladies!:tup:) and i noticed that most of you have the cute LAMB boxes! Where did you get them and how can i get one? I've ordered a lot of my bags through Nordstroms and elux, and i've never gotten a box :sad:.
  2. I believe they only come with the wallets?

    I'm sure somebody can verify this, I don't have one either. [​IMG]
  3. All of my wallets and cosmetic bags (the large ones) have come with the boxes. I've never gotten a handbag in one.
  4. I have two boxes from my wallets. I've never gotten one with any of my handbags either. I remember someone said that they shred them! :shocked: but I've seen them around every once in a while even at Nordstrom Rack so they are still around..
  5. i only have two, from my wallet and keypouch..
  6. I have them from my wallets, cosmetic cases, and key pouches....if i ordered from, then i got a box (or from off5th) but if you buy from in store then no's true...they trash them! It's unbelievable!
  7. UGH I hate that they trash them for the handbags... WTF. I would totally use them... I store my LV in the dustbag and box, i'd love to store my lamb in the boxes as well. I have shoe box and a little box that i store my wallet in.
  8. I have one for my wallet, but I didn't get one with my cosmetics case. :sad:
  9. I didn't even get one for my wallet...It would be nice to get the boxes for my handbags too.
  10. I have two keypouches and neither came with a box. I had no idea that they shred them - that's so wasteful! :tdown: I hope they at least recycle.
  11. Yes, I remember talking about this before....I know for a fact Nordstrom stores throw them away. If you order off line or go to off 5th they have them. I would have loved a box with my bags and my cosmetic case....I only have 2 from my wallet and zip pouch...