Question ladies...New to D&B

  1. Do any of you know of trusted eBay sellers who sell D&B?
  2. I don't know anyone, as I tend to look at items on an 'item -by-item' basis rather than by what a seller has available.

    If there's anything you really like, you can post up the auction on the 'authenticate this' forum and someone will be happy to help check it out!! Sometimes it's good to also check the dooney, macys and Nordstrom websites at the same time so that you can buy it from one of those places first if they are on sale!
  3. Ditto. Another great place to look if you have one near you is TJ Maxx and Marshall's. I just got this bag:

    at Marshall's for $59.99. You would have to look pretty hard to beat that bargain on eBay!
  4. My first Ebay experience EVER was when I bought my grape Zip Top IT bag. The transaction I had with the seller was awesome. I don't know if she still sells things on Ebay or how you can find her but her ebay name was: dianeshandbaghaven. I was very pleased with the way she did business.
  5. I've always been afraid to use Ebay. Most of my D&B's have come from Marshalls and TJMaxx or straight from the Dooney website. Even at Marshalls and TJMaxx, I do a level 10 diagnostic to see if it's real. lol I will even stand in the store and get on the dooney website with my smartphone browser to see how much of a deal I may be getting. Yes... I'm crazy.

    Jodowd, nice catch! (high five) I like tassle totes.
  6. I don't know of any that are selling some at this point in time.
  7. I bought 2 different D & B bags from e-bay. One was from got2havethis and the other was from ringo4422. They were both brand new and authentic and I had no troubles whatsoever.
  8. I think TJMaxx and Marshalls are great places to shop. Yesterday I saw east west zip-top satchels:


    for sale for $99.99 and $79.99
  9. I just purchased a D&B from TJ Maxx and it is beautiful! As far as ebay, there are a few great D&B sellers, the best one I have found is "dreamingofdiamonds". She has great pieces and she usually has some "hard to find" things. I am a D&B collector and have been for YEARS. I enjoy coming across D&B's that you don't usually see. I sold Dooney's when I was in College, so I am pretty good at spotting the fakes (fingers crossed).:biggrin:
  10. I got the Alto collection EX - Large Ring Flap @ TJ Maxx the other day for $60.00