Question Kooba vs. Prada vs. Chole


Jun 13, 2007
When I decided to start looking for a luxury bag, my heart was set on Prada. Now looking at this site, I am still thinking Prada, but the Kooba Charlie in leather has really caught my eye.

What are your feelings about the Charlie?

Will it hold up? Is it made as well?

I am thinking Kooba or Chole, as they are not as popular at least where I am. Everyother person has a LV or Prada fake here and I don't want people assuming that I am also carrying a fake. What are your feelings?

The Charlie is a beautiful bag and very easy to use and looks so classy too. I would advice you take a look at the Linen Gold Charlie or the Black Python (which is stunning). The Charlie leather bags have very soft leather that tends to get scuffs/marks so if you are absolutely sure you want a leather one, I'd opt for the darker colors; black or brown.
I have the black Charlie and it's holding up very well, despite the delicate leather. I also can't stop feeling it up, it's so purdy. :graucho: That said I'm very glad I didn't get one of the lighter colors, I saw a woman with an ivory one a little while ago and it looked horrible. Picks up color from your clothes and gets scuffed very easily.

I never get light colored bags. Black is my usual color!

But the wines are really pretty also. I am worried about linen, although it looks really nice. I am not sure how it would hold up. This bag is going to have to last me a while, that is/was part of the deal on getting a luxury bag:smile:.