Question:Keeping pens from staining your purse.

  1. Hi ladies.

    In the past, i never gave a second though to carrying two or three pens in my freely in my purse. I had never thought about them marking up the lning of my bag (which has never happened BTW). Now that I am carrying my Ali, the sateen lining has got me thinking that it probably isn't a good idea to just let my pens float around in my bag, possibly causing stains and markings.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could use for a pen case? I could have sworn that Coach made a soft eyeglass case that zips but I don't see it on the website. Maybe I should just break down and by the jotter.....

  2. I keep pens in mine, I just use a tide pen to clean it up!
  3. I keep mine in a checkbook cover.
  4. I use a makeup case ( a clear PVC one from Target or the like).
  5. The zip-around eyeglass cases are available at most Coach outlets -- I see them everytime I go and they are usually in the clearance bins.

    I am afraid of the same thing so I carry my pen inside my costmetic bag, which is a nylon Kate Spade pencil case. I like that it is nylon because any makeup I get on it wipes right off very easily. I would be heartbroken if a pen opened or leaked in my bag!
  6. Simple! I don't carry pens!

    I carry 1 mechanical pencil. If anyone needs me to write something in pen they need to provide it for me.
  7. That would never work for me because I am such a germaphobe. I cringe when people try to hand me the community pen to sign a credit card receipt (or whatever). Especially at the doctor's office... :yucky:
  8. I keep pens in mine, upright in the side pocket if the bag has one. But it HAS to have a cap and it must go on tightly. I've had a couple of pens mark up my bags on the inside and they were the click style pens..never again will I carry one of those in my bags, unless it's in a pencil case.
  9. I use a plastic case to carry my pens in my school bag...but just a regular purse, I tend to just have a ball point or any other pen with a cap.
  10. Exactly!! :yes:
  11. i use a kate spade pencil case.
  12. I stick mine in my checkbook. I never worried about it before I started buying Coach!
  13. I talked myself into buying a Louis Vuitton pen holder for this very reason! :yes:
  14. I just put mine in the zipper pocket in my bags.
  15. I have a clear plastic makeup pouch (from Target) that I carry my pens, lip gloss,pill case, packs of Sweetner and any other thing that would usually be just laying at the bottom of my purse. Because it is clear, it is easy to search for items and I love the way I can switch purses easily by keeping everying in this clear case. All I carry in my purse is this, my wallet, keys and sunglasses.