Question- just got my first bag and the zipper looks weird?

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  1. The zipper kind of rolls up a little, hard to explain. Do you know what I mean? Is this normal?

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  2. Where did you get it? I'd return it if you are not happy with it.
  3. I got it from NM...I am happy, just not sure if it is normal or a defect. Maybe I should go look at another one.
  4. I think it's normal. Looking at the picture, it looks like there is nothing in the bag. Once the bag has stuff in it, the zipper will most likely even itself out.
  5. exchange it for another one if you are not pleased with it...
  6. I think it's just not super structured so it's going to look a little wobbly...but I would assume that's normal. It's the wobbliness you were talking about right?
  7. Is this the Thames GM? I have seen that the zipper is wavy on this bag.
  8. Yes, it is the thames. I noticed other forums that mentioned the same thing about the wave in the zipper. I have a chanel bag that does the same thing. Weird, but still love them!
  9. I have the Pm size in the Thames and zipper is fine on that one. I guess it's because of the size of the bag but, yes I've heard lots of people mention the same thing.
  10. Thanks, guess I can get the smaller one to fix it.