Question-Jeweled Python Hobo

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  1. If you go under the spotted section there is a picture of Eva Longoria with this purse - except when I click on the purse it shows, it does not say jeweled anywhere in the name. Is this the same purse on the website listed as the hamptons python xl hobo or is it different? Because I like the lighter more metallic look than the darker look and I'm not sure if it is just the lighting or the actual purse is different.
  2. Yep, Eva Longoria is wearing the Hamptons Python XL Hobo. Same as on the website. Looks lighter because she's outside...just the whole lighting of the pics. It's shiny so it reflects a lot of light.

    I have this bag and it is TDF!! But my hubby thinks I look I'm carrying a "Disco Ball"...LOL MEN what do they know! I LOVE IT! My SA says there's only less than 30 left in the system for it. So hurry up and snatch it at PCE price!!! :woohoo:
  3. Thanks hun!!