Question. Is Turquoise Cobalt or is it the mystery swatch?

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  1. Is it really another name for Cobalt or is it the mystery unnamed blue in the top left corner, and cobalt is another blue that will come out? I wonder because none of the other colors came in and remember how Blue India came in last then the f/w came out?
  2. It's so hard to tell with the swatches:s ......from that particular pic I think they are 2 different blues...:shrugs:
  3. It's cobalt. And the mystery swatch is always a duplicate of one of the labelled ones.
  4. I thought someone here mentioned that the color swatch always have an unlabeled color in the top corner that's actually the same color as one of the colors on the swatch?
  5. Aha... LP is correct! :yes:
  6. Thank you LP. I knew you all would know the answer and I learned something new about Balenciaga swatches today. I always wondered what that mystery color in the corner was. :yes:
  7. Neiman Marcus is calling the color Cobalt (Turquoise). So it's possible that the 2 are just the same color.
  8. Thanks LP, that helps a lot and it's very good news since I have to call Paris and I didn't exactly know what I should have asked for...
  9. I hate how they called the swatch color cobalt. It is so confusing. Especially since they also releassed french blue, which people wold think was the color you are talking about if they weren't aware of the official Balenciaga names.