QUESTION: is there a variation of chain length on M/L and jumbos?

Oct 8, 2007
Hi ladies,

I've been hearing lately that the length of the chain on a M/L or Jumbo can vary... It can be either 8" or 10"...

is this true?? I was never aware of this and my SA never seemed to ask which I preferred in the past when I bought my reissue or m/l.

If so, what is the length of the chain on your:
1. M/L?
2. Jumbo flap?



♥dreaming of Chanel♥
Apr 26, 2007
As far as I know all m/l and jumbos have the same chain length. The m/l is slightly shorter whereas the jumbo chain is longer. Reissues also have a longer chain than on the m/l. However, you cannot pick from different chain lengths. Maybe your SA was asking if you prefer a longer or shorter chain to recommend the style of bag (reissue, m/l or jumbo) to you.