Question: is Petroleum Jelly safe on Balenciaga?

  1. Hi... I just got my first Balenciaga - second hand Black City. The bag looks good, but the edges start to get dry. I was wondering if I could put Vasline petroleum jelly on the edge? Would it do any harm to the lather? I was hoping that it would help moisturize the lather.

    Thank you...:yes:
  2. Oh no! Don't use any petroleum based products on your precious Bbag! Try something with a base of lanolin, beeswax or silicone. There are fragrance free products available too!
  3. hello, please go to the care & maintenance sub-forum. i've read of one or two members using PJ on their bbags with no problems. i can't recall the colour of their bags. but it's a chance you gotta decide whether to take or not. hths.
  4. I've used pj but only on the corners of a black bag when it starts to scuff a little, and it helped. Don't use it on the rest od the bag though! And don't use it on lighter colors, it might darken it! (think of how the handles darken because of the oils on our hands)
  5. Thanks KDC and glossie for very quick response

    I have used pj on my bag twice already. THe lather looked better and so far saw no issue. But as KDC suggested, i think i'll stop using it.
  6. It's much better to use something that was designed for leather, rather than for living human skin. There are lots of great leather conditioners out there...many discussed it the threads here.
  7. I just got some mink oil and tested it, it's got a texture similar to vaseline and it worked fine on the test area. It is the kiwi brand so it's made for leather, it smells at first, but the smell disappears after it dries off.