Question: Is LVR now carrying inspired LV?

  1. I just saw this on LVR:

    [​IMG]It looks almost like it could be an inspired LV or a neo-speedy looking baguette with brown canvas. What do you think?
  2. Nah, does not look like any LV IMO.....
  3. That's because the brown canvas has no logos.
  4. Common purse shapes are used frequently between designers. For example, Gucci has a speedy shaped bag that resembles the LV speedy.:idea:
  5. agreed
  6. am i the only one who doesn't know what LVR is?

  7. No, you are not.
  8. ^ lol.. ok.. anyone care to explain what it is? lol.
  9. I did a google search for LVR. No help there!
  10. ^^^ I am with you, people! I've NO IDEA!!!:shame: :shrugs:
  11. oh i found it. luis via roma.. ::: home page ::: interesting. according to squidoo, they're an authorized place that sells chloe bags for cheaper prices in the US. shrugs.
  12. It looks like a Dooney and Bourke barrel bag!
  13. LVR = ::: home page :::

    I've seen this site mentioned while venturing out into the other forums (Chloe, Balenciaga, etc).

    And no...I don't think that bag looks like an LV knockoff at all:shrugs: In fact, it looks more like a Celine?

    EDIT: I just checked and it is a Celine :yes:
  14. If it doesn't say LV. it isn't
  15. Doesn't look LV to me either...