Question: If a birkin is out on the floor in one the boutiques

  1. in general will it sell that day? Now the caveats include assuming that it is a size 30 to 40cm in a color that is fairly normal and something desirable. (a travel HAC in orange epsom is an example of something that could take weeks to sell)
  2. I think in NYC or LA---definitely. I think in some of the Midwest (Chicago) or less traveled stores, it might sit a couple days or weeks.

  3. I almost NEVER see them sitting out--and if they are--zip-- they are picked up instantly
  4. I saw a couple Birkins at the store when I was in NYC in April. A Vermillion 30cm that was snatched up and I forgot what the other was. I also picked up my Rouge Garance Birkin that week but it was not on the floor.

    I have seen a couple Birkins in Chicago that were not immediately bought. Especially Ostrich or an exotic seems to stick around longer.
  5. Yeah, I don't think the birkins stick around for long at my local hermes (costa mesa). In fact, I've never seen one on the floor. :yes: Which made it very difficult to purchase my first birkin without seeing it. I determine the size based on a customer's birkin. And color based on the leather on an agenda.

  6. Typically in Beverly Hills they sell within the day if they're in a popular's usually the exotics that take a little bit longer.
  7. Hey! SCP is my local store, too! I actually saw a black 30 Birkin in some sort of exotic skin there right before Christmas, in the case up front on the right. Sold within 24 hours, though. I was surprised it was even out in the case and not sold!
  8. No way! I guess I missed it. I've been out of the country until today. Haven't had time to stop by Hermes. Last time I was there (a month ago), there was a black 28 kelly. Any chance it's still there?

    Okay, I probably shouldn't even be lusting over it. My new year resolution is one H bag a year.
  9. I only Birkins I ever see in stores are exotic Birkins that are encrusted with diamonds.
  10. Nope, no black Kelly that I saw. There is a two-tone Lindy that makes me want to turn tricks on the corner:drool:, but no Kelly. Sorry!
  11. All the Birkins I've ever seen on display were exotics....but today, I saw the first NON-exotic Birkin on display at SCP. A dark green color.

    For Birkins and Kellys, I think the non-exotics in highly coveted sizes do not stay on display long.
  12. Thank you ocmommy. Guess it's not meant to be.
  13. Never saw one on the shelf at my local store (KOP). Saw one on the shelf each time I visited NY (soon after the store opened) and it was purchased while I was there.
  14. When I was in Chicago (Nov 2007) the ONLY Birkin they had was snatched right before my eyes right after they opened that day:flowers::girlsigh:. It was a toile with camel color. Gorgeous!
  15. I seem to find a birkin out on the floor nearly every other visit at my local boutique. I think they're usually gone w/in a day.