Question: I need advice about two Tylie Malibu handbags.

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  1. I am attaching two pics of Tylie Malibu handbags that I saw this weekend and I was wondering if I could get some advice as to which Tylie you guys think I should get.
    I am fairly petit so I was thinking the messenger but I absolutely love the suede bag. [​IMG]

    Please help!

    Tylie Lover in need.
    kens_envelope_black_tree.jpg exeter_suede_moss.jpg
  2. I dont care for the 1st one. The second one is nice, IMO.
  3. Def. the second. I have the Exeter in Grey leather and I love it. I am only 5'2" though and it is kind of overwhelming. But I've seen the 1st in person and I think it would be a hassle to get into!
  4. I like the second one. I actually have this bag in leather and really like it. It is kind of on the larger size for me - I am 5' 2".
  5. Second one -- it's very pretty!
  6. I used to have the second one and loved it (sold it recently), it holds a lot. I had it in the lambskin which I think it much softer and touchable than the suede! I did see the first one at Nordie's recently, I liked the unique design on the front but I didn't like the straps - kinda reminded me of what you might find on a cheap duffel bag.
  7. The second one wins. No doublt about it!
  8. I like the second one too!