question: I found some awesome snow boots

  1. I wear a 8.5, but the only have 7.5 and 9.5 left. Which one should I get?

    Let me knowwwwwwww

    Hopefully they'll still have those sizes when I have another disposable paycheck :sad:
  2. i would get it a bit bigger than smaller, so you can wear thicker socks with it
  3. Neither!
  4. Depending on the brand sometimes I can go 1/2 size either way but I wouldn't get either if it's a full size difference - unless you're familiar with the brand & they run small/big.
  5. a full size seems like a lot. either way you may find that they are too big for or small and overall uncomfortable and end up never wearing them!
  6. lamiastella is right. There is never a good time or place for wearing shoes that do not fit, but if there were, snow would not be it.
  7. I agree with everyone else but if you truly just HAVE to have them i'd go for the size smaller (unless of course they happen to be Christian Louboutin snow boots or something ;)) In general snow boots usually run a little big so you can wear thick socks and stuff with them.. so most likely they wouldn't be as tiny as you may think.