Question: How should the base of the Reissue look like when u carry it?

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  1. I am wondering how the base of the Reissue should look like when you carry it. How do u have yours? Is the base flat like in the first pic? Or angular like in the second and third pics? Thanks for your advice!

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  2. I haven't used my reissues in awhile, but among the few I have, and only one of them does that saggy creased look when I first bought it (225 size). I normally stand it up for a few days and seems to help.
  3. I am wondering if the style is meant to be like that or I should flatten it. I was gonna buy a base shaper for it but I thought perhaps I shouldn't if the base is meant to be like that, i.e. angular instead of flat.
  4. As far as I can remember, the reissues started having the saggy look to make it look more "vintage" and "used". But, I think the older ones from anniversary year to 2009 didn't have that issue (that's when I bought my 227 colors) but now most of them do. My 225 is from like 2011 and had that crease (which I don't like that's why I stand it up to get rid of it). I think they intentionally fold the bag when they pack it. I personally don't like the sag, but everyone's tastes are different. You can wear them either way. :smile: There was a trick in the past where ladies would put a comb as a base to prevent sagging when they put heavier items in their bags. A cheap base shaper if you want to call it.
  5. The reissues come folded flat. Some have more creasing than others. As you use it an set it down etc. it will flatten out. You can stuff it or put something in it to flatten it or leave to flatten a bit "naturally" with use.
  6. I actually like it both ways. :smile: Mine is a 227, and since I will be putting more things in it than in the smaller sizes, I think I would just go ahead n buy the base shaper, just in case the bottom gets stretched out.
  7. The fact that classic reissues arrive at boutiques flattened, shouldn't sway us one way or another, imo. Our handbags are personal... and it's completely up to us, how we wear them.

    Here's a recent thread that covers the same topic: Please advise on 226 reissue quality


  8. Since i like it both ways, i will use it folded when i have less things to carry, and will use it the flat bottom way with a base shaper when i have more or heavier things to carry. :smile:
  9. Bump. This was very useful, up until today , I thought that saggy base was due to over usage and abuse of the reissue. I wondered why the reissue quality seemed worse than classic flaps because preowned classics rarely sag that way... Now I understand ~ thanks everyone