Question: how long do past seasons' bags linger?

  1. Hi all, I've been lurking in the bbag area for a while now as I have fallen in love and can't wait to get my first! Unfortunately, it looks like it will have to wait until Christmas. However, I want my first to be a neutral color I can wear with everything, I really like greige and sandstone, and naturel. I didn't see any great neutrals in the swatches for f/w07.

    So... my question is, how long do past season's colors usually linger in the boutiques? If I called balny in october or so, would I be able to get a sandstone city, for instance?

    Thanks for all your help - everyone has such beautiful bags here!!
  2. It depends. I'll be extremely surprised if Sandstone is still at Bal NY in October.

    You have more chances of finding Greige/Cement that you would Sandstone and Naturel.

    Well, early December is when they start to get the Pre Collection colors/bags for SS 08.
  3. I just got a Cornflower first from BalNY, and that is a SS06 color. So, it was sitting around for a year. Depending on how popular the color and style of bag it is, you might be able to get an older one. I doubt that there will be any Sandstone cities left though, as that seems to be a popular color. You could always wait and see what SS08 brings because those colors come out in December as Incoralblue said.
  4. 2006 colors seem to have hung around the longest, probably due to leather issues.
  5. Thanks so much for your help, everyone.

    "The ss08 bags come out in december" - does that mean we will see swatches of them in december or they will be in stores in december??