Question: How do you fit your mini in the paper box provided by Celine?

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  1. Question: For those of you who have the box provided by Celine, how do you fit your mini in it?

    I recently purchased a Souris mini from eBay that was authenticated here. It came with the gorgeous red bottomed box as the seller had purchased it directly from a Celine store. I want to store my Celine mini in it but it's fairly impossible to do so without bending the handles and having it go out of shape. Here are some photos: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1463319746.330787.jpg
  2. Here are more photos of my Souris:
  3. I believed that the box was designed to fit the Micro and the Cabas and other smaller styles... It is actually a gift box and not meant to be used as storage for larger structured bags. I would suggest just storing your Mini in the dust bag.
  4. Thanks cotonblanc, that makes more sense. Wish they made a box that fit the mini though. I have a Bottega Veneta box that fits my mini perfectly, so I'll use that instead and put my Bottega in the Celine box. :smile:
  5. No problem! Enjoy using your beautiful Mini. :smile: Still a classic after all these years.