Question: Hobo Straps & Morning After Bags..?

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  1. This is particularly for you ladies that have the RM morning after hobo. I don't have a picture of mine so it might be hard for you to picture but I want to be able to take the leather shoulder strap off and hook the side flaps down like a regular MA would be. The problem is that then I would be left with no shoulder strap since the hobo doesn't have those double satchel tophandles.
    I've heard about RM straps. What are these? I know about the chain she sells on her website but is there a strap that can be made as well? Does it hook onto the metal rings that are on either side of the zipper? Can they be used with the hobo? Where can I buy one?
    TIA ladies!!!
  2. Im going to try this out! BRB!
  3. Ok, this was interesting, and eye-opening! The MA hobo is a chameleon! Unsnap a few hooks and you have a new bag!

    First pic: The Morning After Hobo in its original state with the original Hobo strap

    Second pic: The Morning After Hobo with the Hobo strap taken off and side enclosures hanging off

    Third pic: The Morning After Hobo with side enclosures pulled down and attached to D rings near the bottom

    4th Pic: The Morning After Hobo hanging up with the aftermarket (LOL I dont know what else to call it) strap that I bought from RM for $25 (The strap you are referring to) attached to the D-rings near the top

    5th Pic: Different view of the same bag

    It basically looks like a Morning After bag with the aftermarket strap but not quite the same. Look to my next post for how an actual Morning After (Non-Hobo style) looks with the aftermarket strap
  4. Oops here are the pics

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  5. Now, here is how the MA Chocolate looks with the strap as well as the MA mini in Dark Gray with the strap.

    Then, for comparison there is a pic of the regular MA in Chocolate and the MA Hobo in Chocolate

    If you like them, you can call Rebecca Minkoff and order one. They ship it fairly quickly. I don't know if it is really necessary for the MA hobo because it already is a shoulder bag, but I think it is a nice option to have for the regular MA or MA mini. I might change my mind though! It was really cool seeing how the MA hobo changed shape with a few snaps and was like a brand new bag!

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  6. Hey, GUNG, I wonder if you can also unsnap the sides of the MA and attach the long strap to the side rings like the hobo? Does that give the MA a new shape as well?

  7. Hmm, let me try! BRB again!
  8. Ok I was tinkering around for a bit with the aftermarket strap and the D-rings.

    First I unhooked the Dring enclosures that are on the lower sides of the bags. After I realized there is no other place to hook the lock/lobster claw thing (from here on out, I will refer to it as the lock thingy), I let them be and thought I would come back to them. As an after thought (You can see in the second pic) I tucked the lock thingy behind the new lock thingy that is part of the aftermarket strap. It stayed somewhat secure!

    Then I hung the bag up and realized that it looked kind of cute if not cuter than how the strap looks when it is attached to the upper d-rings.

    Then as I tried the bag on, the whole thing did a 180 and flipped around (see pics!LOL)

    Then I realized that both the original lock thingy and the lock thingy that came with aftermarket strap could BOTH be attached to the one d-ring at the same time, and could be worn somewhat comfortably.

    Wheeew. Im getting a little confused. I think I will step back and look at the pics and then make an opinion on whether or not Im liking the modifications. What do you think?

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  9. Oh, poor MA in the upside down pic! She looks like she's dangling there squeaking for help! I think what I meant was to clip the strap to the upper clasp on the side of the MA (the little "arms" hanging down in the 4th pic, so clip on clip). Would that work?
  10. LOL That pic had me cracking up! I thought it looked like roadkill! Im going to make that my avatar now! I know, I am soooo juvenile! but hey its funny!

  11. Hmm, lemme see. I'll try it
  12. Well that was easy! What do you think? Personally, I am amazed at how many different forms this bag can take on!

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  13. Awesome, thanks for doing that, gung! MA looks like a more structured MA hobo, but with handles!

    ..."Chocolat Roadkill MA"...:roflmfao:
  14. I think I'm definitely going to order one of those straps for my MA. Do you have to call RM or send them an email? Do you happen to know if they stock them in every color? I have a Glazed Espresso MA and would love to have the shoulder strap.
  15. I was just looking at the RM MAB on the JCMadison website & noticed that the shoulder strap shown on that bag has an adjustable shoulder pad and wider ends where the strap hooks onto the bag. The strap that GUNG shows in her pics looks like a straight piece of leather w/no shoulder pad. Does anyone know if the straps have changed or if there is more than one style? I'd actually like one like the one shown on JCMadison's site.