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  1. Can any of you ladies tell me what sizes and colors Cabas comes in? I don't really know anything about this line but I saw a lady at Neiman's with a smaller black bag that she purchased in Las Vegas, I thought it only came in XL. Also, are they really out of this bag? Thanks,
  2. Could you try doing a search? This has been asked a lot, I'm sure you'll find everything you need to know and more w/ a search:yes:
  3. The fall/winter cabas came in satin and vinyl and the size was extremely large. The satin came in both purple and black. For the vinyl, I'm only aware of it coming in black.

    For the Resort collection, CHANEL designed the cabas in a much smaller shoulder bag size that sold for $1795. This version was all leather and did not have the CHANEL C's stitched into the bag like the fall/winter one. The colors for Resort were black, white, khaki (bronze), or dark silver.

    For Spring/Summer of 2007, they will be issuing the cabas in denim that will be the same size as the Resort cabas. The price of this one I am unsure of.
  4. Thank you!