Oct 12, 2010
I'm currently still new and just recently gotten into the world of chanel..:heart:..but since I havent been around much, I don't quite understand how the cruise collection works. Like there a 11C going on and usually how long does it last? Also I seen some beautiful pink chanel in fuschia and pale pink for 11C :nuts:, does it mean it should be availabe at most Saks and Neiman Marcus boutique now? thanks .:smile:
Feb 2, 2009
Welcome Tracy! The 11C doesn't "last" for a specific period of time. It's just a collection and however long it takes all the stores to sell out is how long the ligne will "last." In other words, it could last for a day if everything sells out before it hits the floor or it could last for a year if pieces in the collection languish on the shelves.

As for the specific bags that you're interested in, I would look them up on the chanel website or try to find the code/style numbers here on the forum and then call around to various Chanels/Saks/Neimans/Bergdorfs etc. Each store gets different items based on the demographic that they're serving.

Good luck with your search and hope this helps!