1. I need your help...I am having such a hard time to decide....what should I do..

    I can get one bag this year or 2 less expensive ones...I really do not need any bags but, I desire a daimer ebene bag or epi...I own mono speedy 30, tulum pm, LH, PH, black aureilla mm, roxbury pomme, neocabby mm and a pouchette so really I have too many bags and should get rid of some but, I love all my babies...

    must decide on a daimer bag or epi...are the daimer bags worth the $$ I have been eyeing the trevi Gm since hearing everyone rave about it...also the berkley is nice..but, then the standard daimer speedy would allow me to pick up a madeline or lockit as well or a speedy azur but, I really do not need 2 super hot bag or 2 nice bags what would you do????

    me so indecisive...I think LV is offering too many things.....
  2. In Damier the Berkley or the Trevi PM, found the GM is huge. PM is the around the width of the LH. What they really needed was an NM size.
  3. I would go for the 2 bags
  4. I saw a pic on the trevi thread with a lady sporting the GM and it looks amazing....she is average size and the bag looks nicer than the pm IMO....I now only like the look of the GM after seeing both modelled....

    visual aids section page 48 post #720...and she is tiny not average and the bag looks so amazing...just the price tag is ouch...
  5. After sending you modeling pics of the Berkeley----you know it gets my vote. LOL!
    I really, really, really love this bag and while shopping last weekend at mall, I received 3 compliments on it!:yes:
  6. this is what is making is tough....I can only get one $$$ muchos pricey bag so, there is pressure to make the right decision...I love the berkley....what does the back of the bag look like and is it ok on the shoulder or would I look funny? it is more expensive than the hampstead but, love the zipper...I worry with open bags
  7. I think you should get 2 bags.. because one bag is never enough especially after seeing the bag beauty's the TPF members have.. it makes you want more!!!
  8. THe back of the bag looks identical to the front ---just without the brass plaque. IMHO, the bag is too wide at the bottom to comfortably carry on the shoulder. What I especially love about this bag is the extended zipper (that goes almost halfway down the side----which makes getting in and out of this bag so easy. Also the small side pockets are great and one side is lined in red like the inside of the bag.
    Hope this helps!:smile:
  9. I would choose the 2 bags...1 is NEVER enough:p
  10. I don't care for the Berkeley at all personally. I think the Damier Speedy, minus the placque, is my more clean and classy looking. It's also a lot less money, isn't nearly so boxy and structured. I love the Damier Speedy 30 (I'm biased - I just bought it). I would get a Damier Speedy 30, save about 800 dollars! Then you could get another beautiful bag, or a Zippy Wallet and a Pomme cles!

    I was on the waitlist for the Berkeley for a really long time (over a year) and so excited when they called to tell me it was in and I was so disappointed when I saw it - had my money all ready. I think sometimes we get caught up in the price and think sometimes a bag is better because it's more expensive. In this case, I don't think it is. I do like the Trevi, but again, it's stiffer and very heavy. I just think the speedy is a wonderful everyday bag -luscious and classy and you could buy so much with the difference.
  11. great daimer and more affordable for me...just so torn...the hampstead and the saleya are so nice too...too many choices maybe the speedy is the easiest to decide upon because I own and love my mono speedy...
  12. I really like the Damier Berkeley. I would get one bag and make this that one bag.
  13. I vote the Trevi in either size. It is an amazing bag that makes more of statement than the speedy. I have the Trevi PM and the Damier Speedy 30, love them both.
  14. since you feel you have too many bags, then get 1 really nice bag. it will feel more special that way and not redundant.
  15. I really like the Trevi GM. Good luck!