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  1. Hi Guys...I got the Tivoli GM which was shipped to me from the store. However, it did not come in the regular a brown LV box but made of thick all one piece...not like the regular this normal? Does the Tivoli come in that type of box? or shuld I request a regular box?

  2. Congrats E-luxury on your new bag!!!
    I am not aware of a new box or if the Tivoli came in a different box/packaging, but you can always call your SA and tell her you want the regular box, and she should be able to ship one to you or you can pick it up, which ever you prefer. Congrats again!!!
  3. My mirage speedy came in a thin box, not like the thick regular ones. It was all one piece as well.
  4. Yes...mine is a thin sort of plastic box...all one piece...still brown and says LV but different to the ones I got from E-Luxury and the store before.
  5. I recently got the Tivoli PM from ELuxury and like you, it came in a plastic-type LV box. Also, my dust cover has a stain on it, so I called them and they are sending another. I'm sure if you request the other type of box, they wil accommodate.

    Congrats on your new purchase---you'll LVoe it! :smile:
  6. All the bags I purchased recently came in a plastic kind of box as well. Dark brown with Louis Vuitton on the outside (one piece) Must be normal.
  7. That is the same box mine came in, seems they are not using those 2 piece boxes anymore
  8. Maybe it's due to the size of the bag. The larger bags I've bought have all come in the one-piece box, and the medium or smaller ones have been in the nicer two-piece box.
  9. yeah, it's normal.

    big bags come in the one piece box like you mentioned....i get that often from elux. unless it's a flat my baggy came in a big regular box.

    when i bought my mirror lockit at the boutique, they gave me this box too! =D

    congrats on your new bag!!!
  10. I haven't yet seen the one-piece plastic box yet, but I am not surprised to read of it. I have the traditional LV brown cardboard boxes from both LV stores and from elux that arrived crushed in places or actually torn. This happened even though they were shipped inside much larger packing boxes. I think that, to protect the bags inside, they packed the boxes in there so tightly, they actually crushed under the pressure! Its not a SERIOUS flaw, but my closet would look nicer if I had un-blemished boxes. Oh well.
  11. I receied that box with my speedy dentelle back in March 07, is for big bags that can't be folded.