Question, help please :)

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  1. Hmm, I'm reading everything about Chanel, and I'm a bit lost. What is chanel 2.55 and what is the caviar bag?...sorry if this is a stupid question :sweatdrop: Thanks always everyone!! I'm so glad I found this site!! :smile:
  2. The Chanel 2.55 was the bag that Coco Chanel introduced in Feb 1955 (hence 2.55). It was reissued last year as a limited edition and was stamped. There was an unstamped reissue of the bag this year and I understand that there will be another version of this bag in the Cruise 2007 collection. The Classic flap (with the double Cs ) has also been referred to as the 2.55. This is my understanding....

    c3.jpg c4.jpg
  3. O:huh: Thank you so much Rose!!! :nuts:
  4. it's very confusing, no worries!

    That Reissue she posted pics of is slightly different than a Classic Flap - which comes in lamskin or caviar.
    The Classic Flap has CC's on the lock/latch, unlike the Reissues' above.

    They're all very similar though ;)
  5. You're welome, and welcome to PF! There are some great pics of both the classic flaps and the reissues in the reference section:heart:
  6. Love the name Swanky mama of three! :roflmfao: Thank you for your help!! :smile:
  7. LOL! It's hard to come up w/ a screenname to me!
  8. swanky i heard they were all stamped...
    was the cost more on the stamped vs the unstamped...
  9. The 2005 edition was stamped 2.55-2005. They did not cost anymore than the unstamped 2006 reissues.
  10. :yes: they were the anniversary bags. They may become collector's items eventually.
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