question help me please someone?


Jun 22, 2010
i'm looking into buying a Louis vuitton pet carrier but the piping is damaged really bad. where can i get it fixed? if i take to LV could i get it fixed there even though i didn't buy t directly from the store itself?


dreaming of spring
Sep 27, 2010
they will fix it as long as it is authentic, but you would have to pay for the repairs


New Member
Dec 16, 2010
Since I can't currently start a new thread, I thought I would ask a help question here as well. I saw someone carrying a black Louis Vuitton bag that looked almost like canvas. There was Louis Vuitton wording on the bottom part of the bag and on the sides or handles. It some shiny patent on the bag. There was a large gold plate imprinted with Louis Vuitton on the front. It looked more like a tote than a purse. I wanted to ask her, but she had a crying little one and was trying anxiously to check out and leave the store. So I didn't want to bother, however I am unable to locate that bag anywhere online. Any help would be appreciated.