Question!??? Have you seen this???

  1. At the gas station this girl gets out of a Porsche and she is carrying this monster LV, it was like Vernis but soft, black in color and had a LV big plate on the top front. It looked like an updated cabas alto it was that big. I could see the LV imprints from far away which is why I thought vernis but it was so soft she could hardly keep it on her shoulder, the other strap kept falling off. Have you seen anything like that???:smile: it positively glowed in the sun and I can't get it out of my head now...
  2. it rings a bell but i cant think of the name of the line. i always thought it loked like trash bags. i think saud88 is searching for something from that line.
  3. Lv-inyl the Squishy from fall 2006/07
  4. thats the one! the name escaped me.
  5. there was a huge bag like that?? oh boy it was so lovely and shiney
  6. yep that's exactly what i thought. the squishy :smile:
  7. is this it

  8. wow, it does kind of look like a trash bag, but it's kind of cute!
  9. Yikes it does look like a trash bag. Maybe better in person?
  10. Anyone else grossed out by the name?
  11. Name doesn't bother me and I actually kind of like this bag, especially the handles for some reason. Wish I had seen irl when it was released.
  12. It's a very edgy bag. Have to see IRL to appreciate how avant garde it is.
  13. I didn't get one of those, but they are cute!
  14. Ohh I like does look kind of like a trash bag to me though... :s
  15. I like the messenger looking style.