Question - Hangtag signifigance?

  1. Just wondering if someone can tell me . . .
    . . .about hangtags? . . .
    I'm just learning about coach and I see hangtags in a lot of different materials. Just wondering why some are in metal, some are in brass, some leather, etc, etc . . . ? Is there some signifigance to which material is on which model ? . . . or what ? . . .
    Any tidbits of info on hangtags???
  2. I found that if you google this you will come out with a lot of usefull info including d****** on whether you should keep them on or not !
  3. This is ridiculous. You can't type the word de bates anymore because of someone promoting a website?

    But back to topic, the hangtags usually match the color of the bag.
  4. Does anyone take their hangtags off? I always try to add an extra one on if I can find one that goes with the bag.
  5. I mix and match :smile:
  6. i always keep mine on.

    ive noticed that the tag is usually the color of the bag or material of the trim (ex: the hand tag on my khaki gold carly is gold to match the trim). i love my stitched wristlet because the hand tag is also stiched
  7. They are part of the integrity of the bag. The original always stays on, and I have added charm tags as well.
  8. The teeny itsy bitsy metal tags on the key rings are soooo adorable!!
  9. I always leave the hangtags on. I think its part of the charm of the bag. Its just one more little detail that makes the bag so beautiful.
  10. I have no idea why Coach puts them on there, but I definitely keep them on.
  11. i mix and match mine. some of them i just take off and add to my growing collection of tags for my belt :smile: it really depends on the bag and how much i like the tag
  12. I have no idea why someone deleted the"d" word, could someone explain please ?
  13. I guess there were some members who were registering just to promote a site called e (without the space between the "e" and the "b.") So now the word ****** (e bates) is starred out.
  14. I always wonder why they were there too but I do keep them on.
  15. Thank you ! I would have thought that the use of the word "google" would have been starred out because I unintentionally was promoting "Google" I guess. Hell we are all promoting Coach anyway aren't we ?