Question from Newbie


New LV Owner :)
Dec 4, 2006
Hi There -
I am new to this forum and looking for some advice on a Speedy 30. If it is your first LV bag - do you get Monogram Canvas or Damier? I think both are absolutely beautiful and am torn. I would love any advice/suggestions.
Thanks in advance :smile:
I love both but I only have the damier right now because I live in New England and it's not a good time of year to be carrying anything with vachetta. I plan on getting the monogram too, I have to have the all time classic LV in my possession!!! Good luck!! :smile:
I would go to the store and find out which one I really love. I'm not really a speedy fan, but if I had to choose between the two, I would get Damier.
i love both but my mono 25 was my first bag so i always say go mono first. but if you're getting a 30 maybe damier is better. i like a mono 25 and a a damier 30 for some reason.
I prefer Damier. It is more discreet, not as widely carried or widely knocked off, and is actually the oldest of the LV patterns (was created by Vuitton himself in 1888; the Mono Canvas didn't show up until a decade or so later, after LV died.)

Edited to add: Also, it is more practical (the vachetta on the Mono Canvas does get very dirty after a time.)

I personally like the mono. But I think it depends on how flashy/noticeable you want it to be. I mean they are both really nice but I think the mono is more noticeable. Good luck!:smile:
HI! Welcome! :flowers:
I would get the Mono for your first LV, but if you can go see, hold both IRL , then I would and decide which one you love more! They are both lovely!
Good luck!