Question from newbie about color availability

  1. Hi: I am new to this forum and new to Balenciagas and will be getting my first one for the holidays this year.

    I REALLY want a bag in the Vert Gazon color and wonder if this color is still available in stores?

    If not, is the Violet color available in stores?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Hi and welcome! The vert gazon is probably not available anymore, but you might find a violet bag somewhere. Best to call around! Good luck!
  3. I'm getting my very first B bag too next week! :yahoo:I chose the violet city! But I had to order it from someone who buys and sells brand new designer bags because I had a couple of friends check out Balenciaga in department stores in SF and LA, as well as the Balenciaga stores in NY and Singapore. They were all sold out of the violet bags. But they might have new stock, you never know! I suggest you call Balenciaga NY to inquire about availability. They ship worldwide. :yes: Good luck!
  4. moving to shopping
  5. try calling aloha rag.
  6. Thanks for this suggestion about Aloha Rag, but am I missing something: I don't see any Balenciaga bags listed on their website? Do they special order them? Thanks!
  7. Harvey Nichols in London still has a few violet bags
  8. Balenciaga technically isn't supposed to be sold online, and Aloha Rag adheres to this policy. If you call them they can send you pictures and any other details you may need. They carry the bags in-store and ship them out.