Question from chanel newbie

  1. hi, first let me say how much i have enjoyed looking at all the gorgeous chanels. they are very beautiful and i am green with envy! i just had a question about the names of some of the bags. what are reissues and what do the numbers 2.55, etc mean? are these different from the classic flap bags?
  2. The 2.55 is also the classic flap. The bag was named the 2.55 because is was launched in February in the year 1955. The reissue was launched to commenserate the 50th Annivesary of Chanel (and the classic flap).
  3. Also, the Classic Flaps have the CCs on the front and the Reissues have a new, different closure, a little more contemporary.
  4. thanks for the info! i'm considering my first chanel purchase and have been getting lots of great info from this forum. you guys are great!
  5. another lil info lol , it takes a craftsmen 2.5 hours to make a 255 (and other bags?)
  6. MISS-Thats interesting!!