Question from buyers - that sell fakes?

  1. Ugh.. I'm selling a bag on eBay and someone asked me for a closeup of the tags and zipper. A totally normal question.

    I sent them an email back this morning with a bigger picture of the tag and that I would send them a picture of a zipper after I got home from work.. Now in looking at their id and what they sell.. I see they are selling fake bags :sad: SHould I not respond when I get home? Should I say I noticed they are selling fake bags? I don't want any retaliation. All my pics are watermarked so they shouldn't be able to steal it but I hate the fact they could use my pictures to make counterfeits.
  2. Not sure I would respond to be honest.
  3. I probably would not respond and block them from bidding. They may try to do a switch with one of their fake bags.
  4. ^ i agree. there is a small chance that she's a legit buyer who honestly doesn't realize she's selling fakes. but i wouldn't take that chance...too many bait & switch scams going on....
  5. definitely don't respond and block her. even if you block her and respond, she could have another ID to harass you with, so better to stay out of it, I think.
  6. When I looked at what she is selling and what she has sold it's at least 5 of the same fake kind of chain horsebit hobo.
  7. Do not send them anything, case closed.
  8. Definitely don't send any more photos and block this person from bidding. Chances are they will open a dispute saying they received a fake bag and will do a switcheroo. It's not worth the risk.
  9. Don't send this person any more pictures. I wonder if she'll be using the pictures you sent in her auctions to sell her counterfeit bags.
  10. Just ignore them, nicely that is. Maybe you can tell them that your camera broke if they ask for more pics...
  11. Thanks everyone. I did send them enlarged pictures of what was already on my auction before I realized they sold fake stuff.. I just blocked them now and I won't respond.
  12. I would not respond and block them. Who needs to take that chance!