Question from Anonymous member re Thongs

  1. Hi all,

    I received this question anonymously through the Purse Secret account. They asked that I post this question here for them!!!

    Hi... I have a question but am embarassed to ask, can you post it please in the fashion forum?

    I want to wear thongs, but I am having trouble finding ones that fit properly.

    I am naturally often "wet" down there, so I need a full crotch. It seems most thongs seem to being to taper towards the thin strip too soon, and I end up without a full coverage of my crotch... hope that makes sense.

    Can someone mention a thong with a full crotch?
  2. Is this serious?
  3. ^^^^I am ssuming it was posted as a secret. I have been trying to think of thongs that might work....but what about if the OP used pantyliners for thongs. I think Always makes them!!
  4. I have the thong pantyliners for light . days - they fit in them perfect!
    Can't remember what brand... but I love them!
  5. ^^ ITA, wear a thong panty liner and it will solve the problem :yes:
  6. I'm assuming so because it was posted as a secret!!!
  7. What's unserious about this question?? Many women have increased vag. discharge that can be a problem in this type of situation..
  8. ^^^Oh, so true!!!! But your post did make me giggle!!! I feel like I am in fifth grade...all this talk about vaginal discharge!!!! And just so I come across properly...sometimes it is hard online....I mean that with no disrespect to the OP. Some things just still make me blush!!!
  9. Why not try a thing like nundies or something similar if you are wearing pants? It sticks into the bottom of your pants similar to a pad I guess but its doesn't really look like a pad. I received some samples a bit back and they seemed pretty cool..nice for putting into yoga pants and whatnot.
  10. Dude---I am curious about this!

    Not the - ahem - discharge part, but thongs that don't "taper" so soon, ya know? I want a thong to go up my rear, not my vag.. rofl.
  11. try hanky panky thongs - very comfy and pretty good coverage imo ;)
  12. Yes, I was about to say hanky panky, and if you look at VS for the "higher waisted" thong (I guess it is called) it has more fuller coverage to me. Also, I find that the traditional thong (not the string style) offers better coverage in that area.
  13. And maybe try sizing up? I've never really had a thong that was too big. Kind of like tights, you know?

    I personally loathe thongs, just so many things that can compromise fit! Maybe the OP might prefer boy shorts or a seamless full coverage panty?

  14. Yep, I admit it, I get this problem. I don't know of any specific thong brand that is better. Victoria's Secret has a bunch of different style thongs though and I like the cotton ones. Just don't by the super skimpy string thongs. And I find thongs more comfortable if I buy them a little big so I don't feel like I have a slingshot up my butt crack.
  15. the VS Body by Victoria thongs have good coverage and stay in place really well. i have a bunch of them, and they're the only ones that i'm comfortable wearing to work (i have to move a lot at work, a thong without good coverage in that 'area' would be uncomfortable and, honestly, probably get wedged to one side or the other after a little bit)