Question from a student

  1. I'm not very rich and go to grad school. Some affordable purses available locally are Michael by Michael Kors, Dooney & Bourke and Coach. What would be the best? Ladies, let me know your personal opinion on which brand as well as which style you like, and reasons why you prefer whichever brand... this may be the only purse I can afford for a while!
  2. I would say that a Dooney would be a wonderful way to start. My husband (BF at the time) bought me my first "real" bag, back in 1989 for Valentines day.:love: (the Dr. Satchel-because I was admiring another ladies bag) When I found out the cost of that bag, I almost had a heart attact. It was more than a car payment! Anyway, that bag still looks brand new today! I love the Dooneys and I just purchased my daughter he first "Real" bag a couple of months ago!
    Look what he created! Good luck and be sure and let us know what you decided to choose.:girlsigh:
  3. I say anything, but Coach. They are very expensive for being made in China. Also, they're not good quality. I used to have some about 3-4 years ago, and they did not hold up well at all. My mom used to have a lot, too but they didn't hold up.
  4. Dooney holds up pretty well, and I'm impressed with what I have (which is one). I've heard complaints about some of their bigger, barrel bags, though (I've heard that the straps eventually break off from some owners...).
  5. Personally, I wouldn't have my only good purse be a Coach, simply because I see them coming and going--they are everywhere, including on junior high girls. Between the other 2 brands you mentioned, get the style you love the most.
  6. i have a michael by michael kors saratoga hobo and i love it. i got it for a little more than half off at Neiman Marcus last call. it is made of really nice leather with a nice canvas lining. it has nice brass hardware and i get loads of compliments. i like it because i can fit my work files inside with room to spare.

    i've seen a couple other bags from michael kors that i would get just because this one has held up so well. i'm impressed because i am really rough with my bags sometimes :sad:
  7. I agree, I think you can start with Michael and then go from there. Although Chigirl has told me about a great bag company called Tano that makes really cute bags and with really good quality leather. The prices are affordable and the quality great. I personally don't like anything screaming logos, and these are really subtle bags. Good luck! But have fun shopping!
  8. Stick with Dooney and avoid Coach. Way too overpriced and overrated.
  9. i'll go out on a limb here and say a leather coach bag would be nice.
    not sure why everyone here hates coach so much...but the bags hold up rather well...
  10. I have to agree with Kallison. From my experience, Coach bags hold up quite well and their new Legacy line has brought back many, many customers to Coach because of their quality and beautiful leather and design. I'd highly recommend them.
  11. I'd recommend any of those brands, but I think of all of them Coach offers the most diversity in terms of style. It's true that Coach bags are ubiquitous (I went shopping in Chicago a few weeks ago and EVERYONE had Coach bags, I couldn't believe it), but I've never had a problem with them in terms of durability. I'd definitely go for a leather bag rather than a monogram one though if you're concerned about how the bag will wear. Check out Coach outlets if you can, it makes buying a new bag much more affordable!
  12. I like my Coach bags. I have lots of them and none have broken down so far (only one but I got it used). They're really good about repairs too. Not sure if Mark Jacobs or Dooney take in bags for repairs and give credit if it's irrepairable.
  13. I would go with MK if your heading off to grad school. Coach and D&B tend to be very 'high school'.
  14. I would get a Michael Kors bag, hands down..