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  1. And I am one, even though I had 6 Chanels, but never could bring myself to use them more than a couple times each! I was too worried I would wreck them! (I know, I'm nuts) I consigned and sold all but one of the bags. I have hung onto it and am sitting here wondering if I will ever use it. It is an XL Jumbo, I think (14 in. x 10 x 4, I believe) lambskin quilted flap in black. Bought a good 10-11 years ago and still has the da&* N-M tag on it!!!

    What I would like to know from you all, where and how would you wear a bag like this? It is too big for evening. Is it only for "dressy"? It has a single somewhat thick chain threaded with with leather strap, and it is very long, one could actually wear this bag messenger style.

    How and when the heck to I wear this gorgeous bag??? I live in SF Bay Area, and in the wine country, rural property, I don't dress up much. Actually, I only own 2 dresses. jeans and boots for me most of the time.

    What fashion advice can you give me???

    Give me the courage to wear this bag, ladies!:smile:
  2. I don't think the XL jumbo is dressy at all. It looks great with a casual outfit. You don't need courage to wear the bag, just throw it on and go! No offense intended, but a Chanel bag is not exactly a Richard Tuttle sculpture... it's precious to us, sure, but it's meant to be used, worn and loved. I think luxury is meant to be enjoyed, not set on a shelf.
  3. I agree - wear it with jeans and sneakers if you like - but just wear it!!!

    Life is short, enjoy your belongings.:tup:
  4. I agree with all of the above! This bag looks great with jeans and boots. And it's considered very in style right now to wear a jumbo "dressed down". I honestly think you can dress this bag up or down and it looks fantastic either way! Wear her and enjoy her!
  5. I carry my jumbo (not the XL size) every where. I just love it. I think that it's easy to dress it up or dress it down to be honest. I wouldn't wear it to a cockail party or something (I doubt) but everything else is fair game. I think it's a great bag.
  6. --hehe no offense taken! I am just so weird in that I hate to get spots stains, scratches, etc. on my nice bags. I have to get over that. I'll let you all know how it goes when I have taken her out for a spin or two!;).
  7. I would probably wear it with what you just said -- jeans and boots. I would probably carry it either at its longest chain length on my shoulder or across my shoulder. It is such a great bag!!! I :heart: vintage chanel.
  8. amen.
  9. You have got a great bag there. It would be a shame to have it sitting in a closet. Enjoy it!
  10. That XL jumbo would look amazing with jeans! Try it a few times and I bet it would become your favorite. I would love to have a classic flap that big, especially in black. :love:
  11. Anything goes with a large chanel def not dressy :biggrin:

    I think the smaller chanels are dressier but even so Rachel bilson wore her mini red chanel with tackies and a goes :biggrin:
  12. You can use it for your casual, and anything at all. I have the same bag as yours, but eventually, sold it because of its weight!
  13. use it, enjoy it! :yes:
  14. --Yes, I am thinking the weight might become an issue. We'll see.