Question from a newbie...Box Leather

  1. I don't own any Hermes bags, but I've always thought that the Kelly was gorgeous. And after seeing Kristie.F's new black Box Kelly, I know that I've found my dream bag. :love: I just have a question for all you Hermes experts about Box leather. Just HOW easily does this leather scratch? And if it is sent back to Hermes to be conditioned, will the scratches totally buff out?

    Thanks for your help!
  2. well that's the genius of box - it scratches. yes, that's the genius, because supposedly all the scratches, the zillion and one scratches add up to create a coveted patina that makes craftsmen's eyes glaze over when they talk about it. box calf can be refurbished beautifully, but you come to love the scratches/patina.
    just not the very first one - ouch :Push:
  3. ^^^^Ditto. It's my favorite non-exotic leather. I've learned to live, and love, the scratches, and refurbishing will usually get out the minor scratches. It also ages better than most other leathers.
  4. Hey Hautemom!!

    you're a sweetie! :flowers: - I love my new Kelly, but it already has one teeny mark where the little lock sits.....
    the great news is, the marks are all part of the "patina" that is very desirable, and they all wear in after a while. The even better news is - this is one of the best leathers to get refurbed by Hermes - it comes home looking almost like new - so I'm told.........mine hasn't even left the house yet :shame: (we're going out today for our first outing).

    Box was one of my dream Kelly's, too - I am a HUGE Grace Kelly fan (named my firstborn Grace after her!) and one of her bags was a Black Boxcalf Kelly (28) with gold h/w.

    I hope you get your bag one day!!! You will LOVE it, I can assure you!!!:yes:
  5. PS: Gonna take more pics this afternoon for the "people wearing their Hermes Informative thread" thingy.......
  6. Thanks for the info, guys! I didn't realize that the scratches were part of the patina process. For those of you that have a bag in Box Leather, do you use it mostly as an evening bag or is it good for daily use?

    Kristie.F- Congrats on your new bag! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! Can't wait to see new pictures!
  7. I intend to use her DAY & NIGHT!!!!! I think it's very versatile - honestly.
  8. That's the beauty of box, it can be dressed up or down.
  9. Welcome to the "dark" side, Hautemom....woooohhhaaaaa. There's no turning back now!

    No Box is a fantastic leather, yes it scratches but it also refurbishes to look like new which Hermes will do for the entire life of the bag. It also patina's beautifully! You can wear your black Box Kelly EVERYWHERE, day and night! It's just one gorgeous girl...

    I hope you're able to get one soon!!!!!
  10. Hi Kristie,

    Your bag looks so chic and elegant!!

    I am a Hermes newbie can you educate me? Does Kelly only comes in one size? How many types of material available? I know yours is box leather. And if you don't mind, how much did you pay for your bag in USD?
  11. Hi Hmom I have a black box that I got in april .I wouldn't trade it for anything .but boy does it scratch easy.The first scratch I got just by barely sitting it next to a stack of magazines. and two more by being lightly bumped by two different ladies while shopping. I thought I was going to have a heart attack! but after hearing pf members saying that box will patina I'm getting used to occasional scratches no worries. I highly recommend this beautiful leather.:yes:
  12. PM'd you;)
  13. See.....I feel this way about Shopmom's caramel coromandel Kelly.......:love:
  14. oh, K! Thank you so much....actually, I've been staring at your baby now for quite a while....I revisit now and again! You're stunning bag is making me want one just like it in a 28cm....:girlsigh:
  15. Congrats on your new bag...I'm sure she's beautiful! I really think I'd die when I got the 1st scratch! :Push: I'm so paranoid about my bags though, I don't even let my kids touch my LV's! I'm sure I'd be psycho with a Box Kelly!