question from a newb.

  1. hi all!
    i have been a lurker for a while.
    i have a question.
    i have a coach bag that is light brown suede and fabric. i have only carried it a few times and it seems to be getting dirty very fast.
    how do you keep your bags clean? and once they are dirty, how do you clean them??
  2. Hi There!

    There are a lot of great posts on here about cleaning - "kallison" posted this information in the COACH FAQs section:

    For the majority of bags, baby wipes or mild soap and water will do the trick. And for most problems of stains, we will suggest one of these options- they usually work and the chance of ruining your bag is pretty slim.

    Suede is trickier- you can always try the nail file trick and see if that works.(Cleaning Suede with a Nail File ... PHOTOS!)

    Coach does NOT offer a bag cleaning service.
    Coach - FAQs

    I am sure you will like it around here. The posters are VERY friendly and knowledgeable. :yes:
  3. You should check out the products Coach makes to clean your bag! Leather cleaner and a suede kit as well as signature fabric cleaner.
  4. I keep a nail file in all of my suede bags (the ones you can buy like 10 for $1) and scrub on them whenever I see dirt. The coach suede kit never did much for me.
  5. We don't sell a suede kit unfortunely! I wish we did.
  6. ^^ ^^
    maybe coach nail files hehehe
  7. Baby wipes do the trick for me...
  8. Yeah, does that suede eraser & brush thing even still come with suede bags? I haven't seen it in a while.
  9. I got an eraser and brush in my bag from this fall.