Question from a new RM lover!

  1. Hey everyone! From the second I laid my eyes on the morning after, I was goner... and of course, reading all of your posts has just fueled my obsession. I am thinking of getting a MAM in black because I think it would be great for work (since it doesn't scream "I'm spending my paycheck on handbags"). Do the black styles ever go on sale, or are the sales limited more to the seasonal colors? I think I want to stay with the mini because I have so many larger purses. I have found the MAB in black basketweave on sale, though, so I am hoping that the mini is out there somewhere.

    Also, how cute is the matinee in violet? I love it!

    Thank you so much for any help/suggestions!
  2. Hi and welcome! I believe I have seen blacks on sale. I would keep an eye on bluefly. I believe there was a black, maybe with basketweave? earlier. I really think you could even do a grey or similar color depending on the main colors in your wardrobe. I think that RMs tend to be pretty understated in general meaning it is wonderful quality with gorgeous leathers, but doesn't scream "designer." KWIM?

    Anyway, welcome! I am sure there will be others who can point you to some places with the MAMs in black.

    ETA: Bluefly has the Black/navy stamp for $338:
  3. I've seen a few places that have black MAMs, but none on sale. Will post if I see one!
  4. i am in the process of returning a black mam to label360. this is the one with the blue zipper that some ladies here loved but my plain-jane self can't seem to like. i am by no means trying to sell this to you but just wanted to give you a head's up.
  5. I'll keep my eyes open for you!

    Check out some of the threads for the newer styles and colors. I believe Label360 and Lunaboston are good sources for the bag you're looking for and with a discount.

    Welcome to our obsession! Rebecca's bags are like potato cannot stop at one.
  6. There's a black Grace - really pretty - and a black w/basketweave MAB on eBay right now. The Grace is a good price and the MAB is reasonable, so far, but it has a ways to go. I'll keep my eye out as well. Good luck!
  7. Do you not carry very much with you to work? I couldn't live without my black MAB - it is the perfect work bag, but one of my favorite things about is its size. I can fit everything or next to nothing in there. Love it. The MAM seems small for a work bag, but then again, maybe I just take too much with me.
  8. Thank you so much for all of the help! Patience is definitely not my greatest asset when it comes to shopping! I'll keep looking around.

    Soccermom: I saw that one and I am keeping my fingers crossed that the price doesn't shoot up at the end. I was thinking of writing her regarding a buyitnow price, but I'm not sure if I want the basketweave. Oh, handbags make me crazy!

    Circoit: I'm a law student right now so I am working as a legal clerk at a firm... which thankfully means that I don't have to carry very much with me at all. My big fear though is to have a bag that is more expensive-looking than the attorneys'... since I'm a struggling law student I think they would think something was up if I carried a bag more flashy than their own!
  9. Keep an eye out on eBay! Most, if not all the auctions will be safe since she's not mainstream (not yet, that is). Have fun shopping, sometimes anticipation is the key!
  10. I think the Violet Matinee is very pretty but I dont think it work too well in a law office. However, the black basketweave MA or MAM would be a very sophisticated option. Keep an eye on eBay like pl888 said; there are deals to be had!
  11. Will keep an eye out for you! :smile:
  12. There's a black with blue stamp that comes and goes on bluefly for $385 and one at lunaboston for $485 - another 20% with "grechen" if that interests you. And funkylala has a regular black MA on slight sale ($528) and there are promises of an upcoming discount code listed in the Deals and Steals forum.
  13. Here's a black MAM from Revolve Clothing. If you're a first time customer, email them after you place an order with your order number and they will give you 30% off. ;) Otherwise there are 15-20% off codes that you can search online. HTH! :flowers:
  14. Becca - I wouldn't consider the MAB to be flashy, so I don't think you need to worry about showing anyone up. It definitely looks nice, but its low-key enough that noone will get offended.

    I still vote for the MAB! You have the height to pull it off well, and it just looks like a bag that means business. Just speaking from my own personal experience!
  15. ITA! The MAB is very low-key and not flashy at all. It is classic in its construction and can serve you in a multitude of situations, from casual to dressy, work to school, and more. Get it in a neutral color like gray, black, or brown, and you will have a perfect bag on your hands that can serve so many of your needs!