Question from a jewelry newbie

  1. I don't wear wear jewelry that often, but wanted to get a simple 14 or 18kt ring. I'm familiar with Tiffany's since it's popular brand, but is the quality just as superior? Can anyone recommend any other brands to consider? TIA!
  2. Bulgari has beautiful gold rings they like to work in white, rose, and yellow and sometimes chocolate gold too
  3. I agree! LOVE Bvlgari! :cloud9:
  4. If you are looking for a solid, durable 18k gold ring, then I can definitely recommend Tiffany's.
  5. Absolutely Tiffany's quality is superb. You might also want to look at Bulgari, as mentioned, or Cartier for a simple ring.
  6. ^I have a Cartier trinity ring that I wear on my pointy finger everyday. Holding up great!
  7. I can recommend Chopard.
  8. I want a Cartier Trinity ring so bad!
  9. Thanks so much for all of the suggestions. I appreciate it. I LOVED the Cartier rings, but may stick with Tiffany's. There was a simple ring I saw for $200. It seems to be the least expensive of all the brands mentioned. Don't think I can splurge much more at this time.
  10. OOOhhh, I was not familiar with the Cartier trinity ring.... LOVE it!
  11. You might want to check out some less well-known designers. Page Sargisson and Zoe Chicco have nice gold rings, to name just a few. (Probably not for under $200, unless you go with something really small and simple.) Were you looking for a ring with a stone, or plain gold? Also, Ylang23 and Twistonline have a lot of examples, if you just like looking.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into those sites as well. I was looking for just plain gold, no stone.
  13. if you don't want to go designer at all, but still want a simple 18k quality ring, I'd recommend Blue Nile online. They're strictly web-based, but I've ordered from them in the past & love their stuff!