Question from a Chloe newbie

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  1. Hey guys.. I'm pretty much a handbag newbie here. I believe this will be my first post here on PF. Anyway... I'm interested in buying my first Chloe Paddington bag. I noticed many of you have more than one! :]

    So this leads me to ask:

    Where and for how much did you buy your first?

    I've been looking on EBay, and quite frankly, I'm just not confident enough to bid on anything. Would it be in my best interest to just take the blow to the waller and buy one at a store? Or are online sellers okay?
  2. Hi! well i would say its definitely safer to buy it from stores themselves, besides there are gd sales going on now, especially at net-a-porter, you would be able to get gd discounts!
  3. check as well-- paddy's are always a bit lower than retail...
    but I would take babydollqueen's advice and check out Nordstroms and Neiman Marcus to see if they have any paddy's on sale still....
    :welcome: welcome to the Purse Forum and the Chloe sub-forum!
  4. There are so many good sales going on right now. Get it from an authorized Chloe dealer like NM, Saks, NAP, Aloharag, ....

    Stay away from Ebay. To many fakes!
  5. The sales right now are crazy ---- you could certainly check out Nordstrom, Saks, NM, BG, Chloe Boutiques etc.....
    Ebay is also good if you're looking for a certain color that is from previous seasons ........... but do your research and check the authentication thread here.
  6. I got my Chloe on eBay and it is authentic and fabulous. You have to work with a good seller and know it's authentic. Mine was a python and the color was discontinued and I wanted it.

    With the sales going on now, though, I would definitely look online and in a store first. You will probably get it cheaper than eBay. Neiman Marcus still has some black left yesterday - don't know about today.
  7. I got my first bag from Nordies at FULL PRICE. I know shocker. I don't do too much Chloe full price shopping anymore.

    I would be looking at the sales right now. This is the perfect time to get into Chloe while it's on sale. If you do decide to get one from ebay, make sure you post it in Authenticate This and we can tell you if it's real.