Question from a Balenciaga newbie--are they worth the $$$?

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  1. I saw a great bag at Saks last week. It was a shoulder bag, sort of a dark gray, with the giant silver hardware. I don't know the name, but it was sort of a hobo shape with a zipper on top and a zippered square compartment on front. It was $1450, though. I have spent that on Chanels and LVs, but do you all think that Balenciaga has the same cache and staying power that makes them worth it? I LOVED the leather and the look of the bag. Just looking for a little friendly advice :smile:
  2. Given all the rabid b'bag-aholics on this forum (myself included) I'm surprised you haven't been showered with comments on this.

    Speaking purely for myself, the bags are certainly pricy, but I think well worth the money. The leather is soft and buttery, the bags are very light (true at least for the motorcycle-style), and the bags are classic but just a bit edgy. I love mine, and would count them as my favorites.

    I would also point out that many other designer bags are more expensive. All in all, it's a matter of personal choice, but if you can afford Balenciaga, I think you find your money well-spent.

    Hope this helps!
  3. A quick look on that auction web site will show you that these bags hold their value like almost no other. Some older bags from 2005 and before are selling for more than their original retail, sometimes double even. I can't think of another brand that regularly sells its older bags for over retail. Yes, they're worth it.
  4. I am only new to this little addiction but look at lots of the other high end bags around at the moment and think 'My God that will date so fast that I would cringe to walk out of the house with it next year!'

    I don't think that the Bbags are going to be so quickly obsolescent. Surely that is a good investment.

    However, I am slightly concerned by all this talk of dirty handles, having your bag redyed and having your corners restored. Are they built to last?
  5. Yes! Bbags are definitely worth the money. However, I do think that the GH bags are a little overpriced (~$400 more than RH :push:smile:. Like Jenova said, they hold their value very well unlike most designer bags in the same price range. Plus, they are definitely built to last as long as you take good care of them- just look at all the bbags from a few years ago that still look amazing.
  6. OMG, balenciaga bags will definitely have lasting power in the long run. they have gotten even more popular over the years, and I agree that older bags are even selling for more. i love bbags because the colors are gorgeous!! plus, i know its a great bag when I sell mine (not because i'm sick of them) but because i want to replace it with another awesome color!! :tup:
  7. yes:yes:
  8. Since the styles do not change or barely change at all ( hardware changes ) - it is definitely one that will not be dated and will be enjoyed and used for years and years - so worth the price.
  9. To me most definitely worth it. :yes:
  10. YES. OUI. SI. JA. HAI.
  11. I remember almost a year ago, when I first joined TPF, there was a lot of discussion on whether BBAgs were on the downhill and people were loosing interest. But there are a bunch of new collectors on here so I don't think that has been the case. Celebrities are still steady carrying them and they still look really trendy even though the design has stayed pretty much the exact same for the last- I dunno- 5 years or so.

    I sold my First I lost $100 on it. But I think it was because mine was used and that color was still in the store at the time. That is only a 10% depreciation though. Still- even Spy bags which I like but might be looking a tad dated= sell for nearly a grand or more less then what the original retail price was. That dramatic difference doesn't seem to happen with Balenciaga moto styles.

    Get one!
  12. I have been pondering over this thread...Of course we're all going to say Bbags are worth it! Ok, I'll look at this subjectively for you...Bbags retain their value moreso than any other brand out there, the leather cannot be matched my any other bags I know of, they are timeless / won't date, you can get one in each colour and have a bag to match for every outfit! I especially like how Balenciaga bags ooze class and they make me feel so good too. I like how the logo "Balenciaga" isn't blurted out all over the bag. I can't stant that 'name dropping' on the exterior of fashion!
  13. it's def worth it if you love it! and i agree with everyone...they def won't be 'out' like all the other logo bags out there.
  14. I was actually ever been in your position at first. I felt if it was worth to spend $$$ for Bbags as it wasn't that popular compared to Chanel or LV. I love the leather and to be quite honest I love their colors too. But I need to know that I spent money on something that worth $$$ as investment. After carefully thought and consideration, I decided that Balenciaga is actually worth not just every $$$ you spent, I also found that these bags are really beautiful. The leather is very soft and the colors changing ever season and if you check on eBay, you would see that Balenciaga bags holds their value. I finally can say that YES, Bbags really hold their values. For rare colors, the demand is high and you may able to sell above retail value. So, yes, Bbags worth every penny I spent :yes:. Hope that helps.