Question for Zippy Wallet Owners

  1. Hi Guys...does the zipper of your zippy wallet have lost its golden color? I thought the zippers were made of pure brass but the zipper from one of my zippy wallets is not golden all around...the wider/top part has lost the golden that normal?
  2. Mine looks fine. Take it into LV and see what they say...might be a defect.
  3. I can't say for sure because I only purchased mine a week ago, but I accidently dropped it on the ground yesterday and now the zipper pull has a little sharp piece on it. I'm bummed that it may snag on my cloths now :sweatdrop:.
  4. i just bought mine a week ago and i havent used my wallet so far this week so im not 100% sure what my zipper looks like at the moment
  5. i've had and been using my zippy since last August and the zipper is fine. no wear or tear yet...
  6. mine looks good.
  7. Wow, keep us updated on what the SA tells you when you take it in. I just got a zippy but haven't used it yet.
  8. I've had mines for over a month and it is still in great condition
  9. I've had mine almost a year now and it's still in great condition...It better be for the price:yes:
  10. So far so good here with my mono zippy's zipper...going on almost a year now, wow!

    Best wallet of all time, IMO.
  11. I've had my vernis zippy for almost a year and the zipper still looks brand new.
  12. i bought my Multicolore zippy last july and the zipper still looks good
  13. I've used mine daily for 1.5 years and it still looks brand new. I have the epi organizer.
  14. My oldest is well over a year old and is still golden. Def take yours into the boutique and have it looked at. Let us know what they say.
  15. Mine is a few months old and the zipper still looks perfect.