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  1. My daughter has a Coach hobo bag from last summer that is a white background with the different colored stripes on it. Really cute, but I can't remember the name of it. She carried it daily and it has really gotten dirty. How could she clean this? :shrugs: TIA
  2. could you take some pics and post them??
  3. I don't have the bag to take pictures of. It is a smooth cloth bag and the soil isn't localized like a stain or anything. The white on the bag has gotten dingy, I know you can't, but it looks like if you could throw the bag into the washing machine, it would be great. It isn't the fabric like the signature, I think it might be the same fabric that the Scribble bags are made from.
  4. Is it like canvas material? maybe try baby wipes first, if it doesn't work then use some light detergent with toothbrush to clean that area and press clean damp cloth against it until it dries :s
    Hope other experts will chime in to help you!!
  5. I don't think it's a canvas material. It is very soft and has sort of a sheen ( not satiny) to the material. Coach made two summery hobos last summer, both in the same color scheme. The bag in question has ribbons of colors on it, as opposed to being what you would normally think of as a stripe against a white background.
  6. It sounds like the watercolor hobo, maybe in lurex ? Maybe baby wipes with a little bit of woolite ? not a lot of water though
  7. This it?

  8. yes that is the other one I was thinking is that the hamptons stripe ?
  9. The bag looked like this one except that it had multicolored stripes across it instead of the patchwork. Basically it would be the same in terms of fabric and color background. I'm sorry to be such a pain, you ladies are awesome! I so appreciate your taking the time to try to help.:flowers:
    Coach hobo.gif
  10. [​IMG]

    this one?
  11. Bingo!!!! Exactly, thank you!
  12. Nooo problem. Glad to be of some service.:smile: