Question for you SAs :) and maybe everyone else!

  1. Hey there,
    I was curious because I know the SA's can access your address when you check out....but...can they also see what your previous purchases were? Does it list the items I have purchased in the stores from the last year or so?

    Just curious. Does this list also show up on their computers if you purchased something from Elux?

    I wonder how they track/tell if you should go on a VIP list or not.

    Spill it SAs!
  2. I think this has been discussed before.....there is a central computer for LV that an SA can pull your customer history and see what you've purchased (LV boutiques, LV stores in Saks, Bloomies, etc., and 866). So always make sure they spell your name right!
    I am not sure if Elux orders are on the same computer system!